The Painting Pen – Connections


It was two in the afternoon when she woke up from her sleep. Her doorbell chirped. She opened the door to receive a package. When she shut the door, he grinned. The opportunity to lay eyes on such beautiful women was always a perk to his part time job, he thought to himself.
He returned to his apartment by 2 o clock to pick up something he had left. Seeing him at the doorstep the lady next door rushed to hand him a package. He received it, thanked her and entered the house. The lady’s look lingered one second too long as he entered the house. She sighed and went on with her own business.

She knew what was in the package before she opened it. She closed her eyes as her memory jumped back to that day. As she climbed the altar where he stood waiting, she whispered into his ear, “Since when did the shining armors come in Black Tuxedos?” He replied, “I’ll think of a clever comeback after I get over how how gorgeous you look today in that gown”. They both blushed as the minister cleared his throat faintly and gave them both a warm smile. As they both kissed , the cheers and applause from the gathering rang louder than the church bells.
He kept staring at the package that he had placed on the table. Her screaming still kept ringing in his ears. They were both sky diving in Australia. As they were coming down at an incredible speed , she was so scared that she wouldn’t stop screaming. He pulled her close in the air and locked her lips to his, partly just to shut her up. Their hearts were racing faster now.
She remembered his proud smile as he served the special Christmas cake he baked for their first Christmas together. He remembered her cheeky smile as she mockingly knocked down his King in Chess after her checkmate.
They both had their pens ready but they weren’t sure if their hearts were.

At that moment She nibbled at the bottom of her ear as she hugged her from behind. And He gently massaged his shoulders and pulled him to an embrace.
And they knew. For the second time in their life, they signed against each other’s names.


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