The Painting Pen – The Tempting Lust

I’ve seen you cross my desk many times before, and I’ve always wanted the chance to get to know you better. But today, you’re right next to my desk. And it’s making me lose my mind.  I know I can’t think like that about you. I know it would be wrong on so many levels for so many reasons, but I just want to commit that sin with you, just for you.

The way you you’re there right next to me, with your perfect husky skin escalates my heartbeats to a “thud thud”. You take a deviant pleasure in making my legs disappear with just enough exposure of yourself don’t you?

I know you’re not mine. I know fantasizing about you is forbidden. But I just… want to run my fingers through that Silky skin of yours, and let those metaphorical electric jolts make me feel alive again. I don’t care if they lock me down, or even if they kill me for it, but I just want to kiss you. You just make me want to do it, even if it’s the last thing I ever get to do. I want to caress every piece of your body with my lips, softly and ever so gently at first, and then with a gluttonous pace. I want you to be mine, just mine, at least for once.

But oh well, I just know all this will never ever happen again, my dear Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk.


*Ahem ahem*

This piece of fiction, is posted in an attempt to create awareness on Diabetes, because Today (Nov 14), is International Diabetes Day.

Thoughts and feedback? ;)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Aarthi says:

    Good one 🙂 I thought you were talking about some electronic gadget. That the object of your lust was edible never crossed my mind 😀 BTW, why did it make your legs disappear? 😐

  2. koeldas says:

    I have the same query. Legs disappearing? And why painting pen??

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