The Painting Pen – Bloodlust

Minnie’s arms and feet were sore from being tied for hours together. Her throat went dry from all the screaming. But she knew nothing would help her now. If only she could go back in time and undo her mistake, she could have saved herself from this. She could still have saved him. No! She blocked out that hope. Nothing could save them now. NOTHING!

Minnie was a 15 year old girl who lived in one of those villages hidden in the deep mountains, untouched by modern civilizations and law enforcements.  The dominant forces of the village made everyone work in the mountains in disproportionate scales of time and effort. While those with power took all the wealth without hardly moving a finger, the common and the weak had to put their whole family to work and crush their children’s hope of a future just so they all could live another day.  Minnie had skipped work that day. For a whimsical reason that it was her Birthday. And she didn’t want to waste it toiling at work. She didn’t realize how wrong she was until they came in storming her place and pulling her and her dad out by their hair and throwing them on the road. Her elder brother was at his work but she had very little doubt that he was being hunted down too. She tried to resist and escape their clutches but one slap from the goon who held her knocked away one of her teeth and throwed her right into unconsciousness.

She was pulled back into consciousness by a chilling spray of water on her face. She could sense the palpablity in the bloodlust they had from their eyes. It was not about the killing spree but about sending a message. The whole village was now out on the street, as the dusk slowly settled in. Two of the goons held her dad right in front of her. Blood was dripping from his hands and legs, apparently both rendered useless now being broken at multiple places. She started crying uncontrollably. Nobody seemed to hear her. Not one person there seemed to care. The guy who woke her up picked up his stick again. The one which was frighteningly sharp at its tips. Another guy closed in behind her dad with a similar stick. Just as Minnie was watching, each stuck their sticks at his skin, and slowly but steadily slashed him down. She watched as the stick tore off the skin from his left shoulder to the right hip. And the blood rushing out to be freed from its fleshy barrier. She screamed as she looked into her dad’s eyes, he had given up completely. They threw him down in his own pool of blood, the sand and the blood mixing together to form an eerie-red mud. She couldn’t take it anymore as she slipped back into the black void of unconsciousness.

This time she was slapped back to consciousness. All the screaming had made her throat feel dry. She realized that her arms and legs were bound. She found her dad face down, dead and in the muddy pool of his own blood. She was a little relieved that her mother had passed away due to cancer when she was still a kid. To bring back the demons of her horror, they were dragging her brother in front of her and threw him down on the street like he was nothing but trash. All his strength did nothing to save him against these monsters. As he looked up to her, their eyes met and he started welling up with tears. Just as a tear rolled down each other’s eyes, the goons with the sticks stuck their sticks on his neck and it came out on the other end. Blood started gushing out through his mouth and in his last moments, he choked in his own blood.

One of the men turned to her. He broke his stick free from her brother’s neck and slowly took a single step towards her. Her tears seemed to have stopped, and she broke into a hysterical laugh. The guy threw the stick at her as if it were a javelin and it tore apart her guts apart in an instant. In that spillage of blood from her body, she found peace, finally.


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  1. Appalling!!! But a good attempt though 🙂

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