The Painting Pen – The Gunslinger

Pre.S: This is kind of a new concept I tried here.

“Writing to a Music”

I was listening to a Yogi B song here. Headphones plugged in and the world plugged out, the below narrative was inspired purely by the music.


The Convertible’s tyres screeched loudly as the Red Cardillac drifted its way into the street. The Gunslinger let go of the wheels and pulled out his Smith and Wesson. He estimated roughly half a dozen people to be lurking within the street, each and every one of them being bounty hunters. They were all hungry the fortune of money that The Gunslinger’s head would get them.  Just as the car came to a halt someone seemed to peep out of a broken window. “Heh!” he smirked and wham. The hunter broke what was left of the window and fell forward on the road. “That was almost teasingly easy!” he thought, and in one swift move, with his hand on the door for support, he jumped outside the car and landed on the street. He took a careful assessment of his surroundings. His enemies were already becoming visible for him. He casually lit his cigarette and let out a big puff of smoke.

Let’s. Roll.

Without a warning, he broke into a run, deftly escaping the volley of bullets that now decimated his car. The three people risked showing themselves when trying their futile attack. Two to his right and one on his left. “Big mistake” he thought. He finished off the one on his two-o-clock before he could blink and the one on his four-o-clock could do nothing but blink as the bullet came flying to him and kissed his forehead. At the corner of his eye, he saw the one to his left reloading his gun. “Bye bye” he whispered as he effortlessly turned a full one-eighty-degree and ended him too. “Four down, four more to go. Now where are you…” Just as he turned around, a sharp knife almost knicked his shoulder but he escaped with a small cut in his poncho. He quickly pulled his own throw-knife and sent it flying towards his enemy who was standing on the balcony of the house right in front of him. Just as the guy dodged it, he fell victim for the second knife that followed the first one. As a rain of bullets began to flow towards his direction, he jumped out of the line of fire at the last moment. A guy was standing at the top of the Water Service tank and seemed to fondle his Chain-gun’s trigger a bit too much. The Gunslinger hid himself under a roof and waited for him to let go of the damned trigger. But since he didn’t look like he was about to do it anytime soon, he began to calculate his next move. The guy seemed puny, and that would be his undoing. He attached an extended barrel to his gun that would improve his range.From the moment he got out from under the roof, he dashed towards the tank in an inhuman speed, even while making a squiggly path so that the chain-gun couldn’t keep up with him. “If you can’t handle a gun, then don’t even think about using it” he whispered and fired a single bullet at the guy and the noisy rain of bullets finally stopped. He stopped to catch his breath but his enemies just wouldn’t allow it. Two guys were at him with swords and one of them actually managed to cut off a chunk of skin from his left arm. Blood began dripping away. “Dang it!” he thought as he began to run away from these two annoying pests. He had to make a quick halt because he was staring down at the barrel of another guy’s gun who was standing right in front of him, thinking that they had won the battle. On the plus side, he was out of range from the two sword weilders. His breathing was heavy now. He knew he can’t go on forever, he had to end this because he was getting tired physically and of the overconfidence that the guy in front of him just wouldn’t stop smiling! For a split second, he shifted his glance to his pockets. The enemy then tried to point his gun to his hands, trying to stop him from pulling out another weapon, but it was too late. He received a roundhouse kick right on to his face and the Gunslinger conveniently caught the gun he dropped. Before the sword weilders could react to this, they received a bullet each. He then shot the other guy with his own gun and left the gun on his dead body as a parting gift and walked down the street towards his dented car.


That was a fun write. Did you like reading it? Let me know your feedback in the comments section 🙂

It is kind of a “home-sweet-home” feeling to write a narrative under Painting Pen after a gap 🙂


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