The Painting Pen – The Primrose Smile

11:35 PM – I pinged my client SME over Lync. “Yes, that would be where the prblem is. I will have my development team fix the problem first thing tomorrow morning and the fix will be deployed to the users before their start of business tomorrow.”

11:36 PM – Ivan (the client SME) – “That would be great!”

11:36 PM – Me: “If that’s all, then I’ll be leaving for the day. Getting a bit too late here for me”

11:37 PM – Ivan: “Oh yeah! Look at the time! Almost midnight at your place! Sorry to keep you waiting. As always, your help is much appreciated! Drive safe!”

11:37 PM – Thanks Ivan. Signing off! Bye!

11:40 PM – Washed my hands after using the loo. The water was cold and refreshing. Man what a dragging day. My cell phone rang. Uughh! Again!!!

“Enna da panra innum? Kelambi vaa da! Mani enna achu nu theriyum la?/ What are you still up to? Start right now! You do realize the time right?”

“Varen ma! / Coming Mom!” I ended the call and put the phone in my pocket and rushed to barely catch the lift that was going down from the 10th floor all the way to Basement 2.

11:45 at MEPZ entrance – *Why wouldn’t the damned signal switch? I’m tired of just taunting my throttles… I wanna go home and sleeep*

As soon as the signal switched green, I vroomed along with the other vehicles fighting for that little space left out from being blocked by the partitioning. As I took the right on the GST road, an FZ raced past me from the MEPZ compound. And something caught my radar senses. I wanted to catch up and confirm my instincts.

She wore a Yellow Chudidhar top and a casual black jean that looked very much made for each other. The primrose yellow complimented her fair complexion so splendidly well.  Wow, I thought. Suave dressing skills. I tried to get beside her bike to get a glimpse at her face. But he kept racing away. Damn that helmet head who she’s riding with he’s got a better bike than me. And definitely a better girlfriend than I’d dare dream… Whoa tiger! Don’t jump to conclusions.

At the first signal, my efforts to get closer to her was shattered at the first signal by a bus and a lorry. They were at the left side of the bus and I was stuck at the right. I was getting restless. Just as the signal began its lazy countdown to 1, I switched my gears and dashed ahead of the bus and put myself in a position where she would have to cross me.

Even with the very little glimpse that I got at her gorgeous and perfectly perfect chiselled face, I went back and forth to my dream land full of yellow flowers and beautiful butterflies. I wanted more. I wanted atleast a one-full-second picture of her face imprinted on my mind. The next signal made it possible for me as we both ended up being right next to each other. Every moment of this countdown was in its own way a heaven for me.

My mind began playing Akon’s Beautiful in loop… *Like the clouds you, drift me away… Like the sun you, brighten my day… You’re so beautiful… So damn beautiful!!!* She made me feel worthless and like a puny insect whose existence didn’t even matter because I do not have someone with such angelic beauty in my life. The signal switched again and he raced ahead this time. It took me a split second to get back to reality and get back on the chase. Yes. I wanted to chase her down atleast as far as our paths were the same and I wanted to save every God-given moment of it.

He quickly took off to the Tambaram Flyover bridge and I followed him as quick as possible and caught up to him at the hovering circle. Thanks to the prayers I did with all the practically possible focus I could spare, she took the right towards mudichur too. Oh wow. 5-15 more minutes of pure and unadultered bliss. I thought.

As we both were getting down from the flyover, she noticed me riding beside her. She also seemed to notice my ID card tag and she threw a courteous smile at me. My legs lost all of its sensations and I couldn’t even switch gears. They gained a few meters on me. I somehow managed to kick some sense back to my legs and I got back near her again. I paid her smile with what could only be rated as sheepish smile. My obvious silliness seemed to amuse her. She smiled again, this time more mischief seemed to grace her lips and face.

Our eyes met. And I was quite literally lost in the blue lusture that seemed to penetrate right into my soul. Her eyes kindled a wave of lust in me. There was an inviting and mischievous taunt in them that I couldn’t resist. I decided that she is going to be the queen of my castle for all eternity. The ten minute drive all the way across the Outer Ring road and the Manimangalam junction road seemed to pass like in two flat seconds. Such seemed to be the control of her beauty over me.

As I took the turn to the street that led to my house’s street, he took the same turn too. That was rather too surprising. How or when did such a surprise happen? What dimension was I living in all along. As I entered my street and they did too, all I could think of was WOW! WOW WOW! *You’re so beautiful… so damn beautiful… – kept singing Akon*

As I stopped my bike and called my mother to open the gate’s lock for me, they passed me and they both waved their goodbye. I turned and waved a goodbye at them too. Thinking that I was the luckiest guy in the world.

My mom brought me back to my senses with the words – “Yaruku da kai kamikra? / Who are you waving at?”

I turned around and wanted to show my mom, to point at them. Whatever I wanted to say to her was instantly stuck at my throat. Along with all the air that was supposed to be moving in and out.Instantly my spine went frozen cold. I turned back to look at her. She was there. But the guy wasn’t there. The bike was going away from me all by itself. Wh…?  As the bike began to vanish, I saw a different kind of lust in her eyes. A bloodlust. Right there at the entrance of the rented house that I was in, frozen like a stone in fear, I began to lose control over my bladder. As she vanished in thin-air, she bade one last taunting goodbye with her smile. And I broke down and fell right at the pool of my own urine



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  1. Aarthi says:

    For some reason, I can’t stop giggling after reading the last paragraph 🙂 🙂

    1. Giggling after reading a ghost story :O

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