The Tub of Looney




The Day was April 31st, 1938. The rabbit was taking a bath in his bathtub around the corner of his apartment. He kept yodelling loudly, just as he always did when he applied soap upon himself. The bubbles covered him all over, even those big eyes and long ears, so he was groping around for his water hose to wash himself. But his hand caught a rather peculiar hose. He cleared the bubbles from his eyes and found out that he was staring at the barrel of a shotgun. A really short western looking guy with a huge hat and disproportionate stache was holding a gun to his face, and a bald guy was pointing a pistol at him and said facing the other side, “we were wewy quiet”. The Rabbit realized that these guys would be here to avenge for the pig from yesterday. He casually bent the gun upward and water started pouring from it as if it really were his hand-shower. 

Bugs Bunny took a carrot from his pocket and asked “Eh? What’s up Doc?” and jumped out of the window, still riding on the bathtub which squeezed through the window along with him. As Sam and Fudd followed him and jumped out of the window, they tripped on the painter who was painting the apartment. The paint was applied all over the place and the world was very colorful for the first time. As soon as Sam and Fudd realized that they had no footing below them, their legs dropped making their bodies look really elongated. Their eyes almost popped out as their heads followed them to crash on the ground. Bugs kept sliding away in his bathtub on the road while Sam and Fudd lay with bandages on the middle of the road. They stood up, quickly recovered and began running after the rabbit. The bathtub kept racing away and was headed towards a crossing. The Road Runner was running away from The Coyote on and was rapidly approaching on the road to the right. But the bird came to a halt when the traffic signal signaled it with a Red and gave the Green Light to the Tub. As the signals turned, the Runner ran off with its signature “Beep Beep” and the Coyote kept following him on a rocket powered skateboard. Before passing the Signal, Bugs had switched it off, so unable to stop, Sam and Fudd ended up colliding with Wil. E Coyote and his rocket went BOOM. Now even more mad and determined to catch the mischievous bunny, the two hailed a cab that was run by the grumpy Taz  and began to follow the hare on the Tub again. To achieve more speed, Bugs pulled out from within the Tub a Mast that is usually used in a ship and unfurled the sail, and he the Tub took off at supersonic speed, but the restless devil flipped the N2O switch on and hit hard on the pedal. Just as they were chasing each other, an ambulance was behind them with a rooster wailing instead of the siren. Inside the ambulance was an old lady with an injured yellow little canary  and a cat that was just pissed off he still couldn’t eat the darn bird! Bugs bunny lifted the tub just like a ballerina would gently touch her skirt and tiptoed to the side lane, and the pursuers in the cab followed suit to let the Ambulance pass. And then they were back on their game and the chase went across the city and into the country side. Getting really annoyed at their resilience, Bugs began pulling out from his pocket things that he could use to stop them. Out came an Apple iPod. “Naah!” he threw it away. Then came a ‘Let Us C by Balaguruswamy’. “Not now” he threw that away too. He then pulled out a really big and puzzled elephant. He threw that away too. After nearly twenty such assorted items, he finally pulled out a Sharp and Shining Needle. Upon it was inscribed ‘1 ACME Needle – Pop your party balloons/ Escape from chasing Taxi Drivers’. Satisfied with himself, he threw the needle directly at the Taxi’s tires. Pop went the tire the taxi went out of control and hit the fire hydrant nearby. Water began spraying out all around. Elmer Fudd took out a cellphone and seemed to place an order. The Delivery Duck arrived with the ordered package in a truck and stuck a pad towards him. “Sssign here Sssir” asked the duck. “Thank yew” said Elmer and unveiled his shiney new item – The Tub 2000 with Monster Truck Wheels. “Time to fight Fiwe with Fiwe” said Elmer with a villain-ish grin. “Yeee Haaaw!” called out Sam and they both boarded the tub and continued their chase. The chase now went across rivers, plains and mountains. They went into a mine and realized that it was too dark to continue ahead. Bugs Bunny lit a match and handed it to Fudd and Sam pretending to be a Good Samaritan. He then kissed them both on their foreheads and ran away. Without realizing where they were, they thanked the generous bunny. They immediately realized that they were in a mine, all set to be blown up with TNT and Explosives. KA-BOOM!

Yosemite Sam and Elmer Fudd ended up in the same hospital and adjacent beds to Porky Pig. “Th.. Th.. Th.. That’s all folks!” declared an injured and bandaged Porky Pig and drew the curtains.



I was asked to write a fictional story/poem for the image of the bathtub that I had shared above in the post. And this is what I came up with instinctively 😉 



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