The Painting Pen Episode 0 : Contrast

The little boy was crying. With his little soft hands caressing his eyes, tears rolling down his plump cheeks, he was crying with all his might. His tears began to drench the silky new dress he was wearing. His cries were echoing over the entire bungalow.  The butlers, maids, relatives were rushing in to see what has made their dear prince cry this way. The butler brought with him the first aid kit, in case the boy was injured. The maid brought with her his favorite toys, in case he was bored. The mother brought with her some tasty food, in case he was hungry. The father brought with him his go cart, in case he needed to play. Within moments, they all rushed in to the room, to see their little boy, crying over a dropped scoop of ice cream. The entire place went into complete chaos.

The little girl was crying. With her little thin hands caressing her eyes, tears rolling down her dry cheeks, she was crying with all her might. Her tears began to drench the only ragged torn cloth she wears. Her cries were echoing across the road.  The pedestrians, motorists and common public carried on with their business, indifferent to what made the lonely little girl cry. The pedestrians ignored her cries and kept walking, assuming she was just another beggar. The motorists drove on, not wanting to be late to their office. The common people went on with their lives, not wanting to put themselves into any unnecessary mess. After hours of her loud and sorrowful crying, a few people gathered around out of sheer curiosity, to see the little girl’s mother lying dead on the corner of the road out of days of hunger. The entire place moved on with their every-day business.



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